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Our mission is to provide opportunities for kids worldwide to build a foundation for their future by engaging in free educational activities powered by state of the art e-Learning technologies.

Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning

There is a chronic teacher shortage in developing countries. The greatest challenge lies in countries in sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America.

According to estimates presented in the Teachers And Educational Quality by UNESCO, the regions will need to raise its current teacher population by 68% to meet current demands.

The countries needing the most teachers also currently have the least-qualified teachers. In fact, in many countries, parents are taking on the roles of the teachers.

How Distance Teaching Mobile Learning Works

Our vision is to leverage technology to provide access to free educational support to every child around the globe. We have constructed an on-line portal where students across the globe can access variety of free eLearning materials.

Help to support our platform >>
Help to support our platform >>

Global Impact

We know that knowledge and education are the basics of economic opportunity. Giving children access to basic education from a young age is critical for the success of any country. We believe the biggest impact can be made by augmenting school activities with powerful e-Learning technologies. We partner with schools in developing countries to leverage existing facilities and equipment to provide students with our educational platform.

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24/7 Self-Learning

Distance teaching and mobile learning provide variety of opportunities of self learning. We partner with the leading e-learning content provider to deliver rich, interactive educational content to the students.

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Support our schools

Help Support Our Schools

Our partner schools and educational institutions often lack the necessary equipment to leverage the DTML platform. In such cases, DTML supplies and equips schools with computers, webcams, internet routers and other equipment to be used for all school educational activities, including, but not limited to, using the DTML platform.

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This contribution means an immediate solution to the unsustainable lack in the institution, and students now can better leverage information technology to improve their skills and knowledge.


Thank you so much for your dedication to making the education of every child a reality. We also want to pass our special thanks for the Laptop Computers which are going to be beneficial to the students as they start the Mobile Distance Learning.

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