Board of Directors

Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning (DTML) board members, employees and volunteers are a diverse group of professionals who all share a passion for helping children.


Aleksey Sinyagin, President

Principal Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft

Aleksey has fifteen years of experience in successfully delivering enterprise-level software solutions and a long history of working as a volunteer. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science and is the author of 11 U.S. and international patents. Aleksey is an active participant in Microsoft's "My skills for Africa" program and has taken several volunteer trips to Ethiopia, India, and Russia


Jane Sinyagin, Founding Director

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Jane has years of extensive experience in working with and managing software development projects with onsite and remote teams (India, China, France, Israel, and Russia). She holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and has a deep passion for education and the success of children. As a mother of two, she is actively engaged in volunteering in her local community in the Pacific Northwest.


Oksana Marynevich, Director

Preparation Specialist, H&R Block

Oksana has wide-ranging entrepreneurial experience from owning multiple businesses and working with customers in retail and service environments. She specializes in the development of business plans for small businesses and action plans for store sales, as well as in the creation and execution of personnel training programs. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.


Tatiana Bogacheva, Director

Program Director "Circle of Friends"

Tatiana is a professional Program Manager with an 8-year history of significant accomplishments in planning, developing, and implementing business plans for services in education, healthcare, and elder adult social services. She has authored research in the area of suicide prevention in kids and adults. She was lead researcher in a project about Internet Security for Children, and she created analysis of Child Suicide Prevention by means of the Internet throughout the Russian Federation.

Our Team

Mir Gulam Sarwar
Software Developer, Bangladesh
Maulik Joshi
Software Developer, India
Sanjit Das
Lead UX Designer, Timeforweb, India
Néstor Jerez Piñero
Regional Representative for South America, Venezuela
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