Distance Teaching and Mobile Learning (DTML) is an on-line learning platform that connects you with our network of verified and trust worthy volunteers. The platform was designed for people with slow Internet connectivity, infrequent access to computers, as well as accessibility challenges.

We are here to help you and make sure you are successful. From helping with homework assignments, learning to play chess, or mastering a new language, our volunteers are here to help you. There are no day-to-day commitments or daily classes. Our volunteers help you only when you need it.

Starting is simple:

  • Create your profile.
  • Upload a profile picture and/or video explaining what and why you want to learn.
  • Wait as our volunteers review your profile and engage with you, based on our volunteers’ areas of expertise.

The better you describe what you are looking for, and why you would like someone to help you, the more our volunteers will be able create an individualized lesson plan specifically catering to your needs.



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