Benefits of DAF

Keep it simple. Hand over the administrative headaches; The sponsoring organization handles all the paperwork.

Stay flexible. Using a DAF allows you to time your tax deduction separately from charitable activities, allowing you plenty of time to decide where you want your money to go. Plan a disbursement or be spontaneous – either way, your money is helping others when you’re ready.

Invest with cash or other assets. A DAF typically has fewer limitations on the type of donations they can accept; most accept stock, mutual fund shares, real estate, life insurance,

Make the most of your donation. With a DAF, your contributions are tax-deductible at the time of the investment, regardless of when you issue grants to charities and any growth from investments goes through the sponsor, rendering it tax-free. Further, you can avoid capital gains taxes and support multiple charities at the same time by donating long-term appreciated securities.

Be free from transaction fees. Once your grant is approved by the sponsor as meeting all necessary regulations, 100% of your recommended donation goes to the public charity you chose.

Establish your legacy. Name your fund after you or your family and start a new tradition of investing.

Privacy. Choose what information is disclosed to grant recipients; donate anonymously if you wish.

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